Our History

The past 74 years have made us the company we are today. We opened our doors in 1945 with nine employees. Today, we have more than 1,000 of the best and brightest employees in the industry. So, how did this all happen?


1945 – Garland Jones and Dallas Frank founded JF Petroleum Group in Norfolk, Virginia. The company had nine original employees that specialized in truck tanks and service station installation and repair.


1971 – JF Petroleum Group was purchased by J.H. Prentiss and O.L. “Butch” Everett.
1973 – Acquired Petroleum Equipment Company in Raleigh, NC.
1976 – Acquired Petroleum Engineering Company in Norfolk, VA.
1977 – Opened an equipment sales startup operation in Richmond, VA.
1979 – Added installation and servicing to JF Petroleum Group’s capabilities by acquiring Richmond-based Pump & Tank Company.


1980 – Merged both Richmond operations and became a full-service petroleum equipment parts, installation, and maintenance company.
1982 – Acquired Petroleum Equipment Company of South Carolina.
1985 – Acquired Charlotte Oil Company in Charlotte, NC.


1996 – Opened a training center in at the Raleigh location to provide training services to employees and external customers.


2000 – Entered the Georgia market and opened a branch in Decatur, GA which provided sales, service, training, and support.
2001 – Acquired Mid-Coast Inc. in Chesapeake.
2005 – Acquired Choice One Petroleum near Charlotte, NC and JM Pump in Myrtle Beach, SC.
2006 – Opened a branch in Fredericksburg, VA to extend sales, service, training, and support into Northern Virginia.
2007 – Made the strategic decision to align with Gilbarco. This partnership helped solidify JF Petroleum Group's leadership position within the industry.
2007 – Penetrated the Mid-Atlantic region by acquiring JCV, Inc.


2010 – Corporate headquarters and accompanying functions relocated from Norfolk, VA to Raleigh, NC.
2011 – Entered the New England territory by acquiring Smith & LaMountain Service Corp. and Petroleum Solutions Inc.
2011 – Began implementing mobile ticketing to minimize dispatch and service costs, and improve tracking.
2012 – Acquired Reliable Oil Equipment in Dayton, OH, providing coverage throughout the Midwest.
2012 – Acquired Baird Petroleum Equipment in Richmond, VA.
2014 – National distribution center was established in Dayton, OH.
2016 - Acquired ANS Distributing and solidified position as the fuel equipment leader in North America.
2018 - Branch operations and Training Center opened in Florida.
2019 - Acquired M.L. Leonard, Inc. in Roanoke, VA.
2019 - Acquired PSI adding 10 branches and full service capabilities to Texas.

Moving Forward

Our past has made us the strong company we are today, but we’re always looking toward the future. We have been on the leading edge of technological advances since we opened our doors and will continue to do so to strengthen our company’s core and offer the most innovative solutions for our clients.