Safety Philosophy

Our team’s commitment to safety is one of the many features that sets us apart in the industry. Having the right equipment, training, and most importantly attitude is essential to maintaining a safe environment. Our goal is simple “Nobody gets hurt.”

Investment in Safety

We view resources spent on safety as an investment in our people and our business. Our team recognizes the importance of safety in the workplace. At JF Petroleum Group, we believe that safety is everyone’s responsibility, but we have also hired the best talent in the industry to help us work safer every day. Our Safety Director has over 30 years of experience in the construction business as a safety professional and is widely recognized the preeminent safety expert in our industry.

Keys to Success

Training is an essential element of safety whether you work in the field, a warehouse or an office. Equipping employees with the proper educational information and training minimizes workplace risk for our employees and our customers.
Equipment and Process
Using the right tools and right process reduces workplace hazards and risk of injury. While it is impossible to eliminate risk, we seek to provide our employees with the best tools and training to make their jobs safer, easier and more efficient.
Everyone must be on the same page when it comes to safety. No accidents or injuries is our goal and we will not be satisfied until we get there.

Technical Training

Commitment to safety and our team’s experience is what sets us apart. We offer the most comprehensive technical training in the fuel handling industry.

Commitment from the Top

Every JF Petroleum Group employee is issued a Stop Work Authorization Card signed by our CEO to be used if any employee ever encounters a situation where they feel it is unsafe to proceed, regardless of what they might have been told by a supervisor or a customer. We want to empower our employees to make the right decisions to work safely and return home safe and sound to their families.