Our tanks and tank accessories can be integrated into any size project. We carry a variety of steel and fiberglass tanks that can hold anywhere from a few hundred gallons up to 60,000 or more. Every one of our tanks is environmentally sound and durable enough for any job.

Product Uses or Details

A tank is a container designed typically to hold liquids, such as fuels. Proper installation and maintenance of fuel storage tanks is an essential task for any facility or operation regardless of size. Tanks hold potentially hazardous materials, so well-built, solid tanks are crucial. Safety is of the utmost importance during installation, and our technicians are certified and always take the proper precautions to protect your investment. A thorough understanding of your application will ensure that tanks provided by Jones & Frank meet applicable codes.

We provide stationary atmospheric tanks of many varieties that can be used for many applications – petroleum, chemical, industrial, automotive; underground and aboveground, free-standing to sub-base generator tanks. Tank applications also include water storage, rain-water harvesting, grease interceptors, thermal energy; oil-water separators and stormwater detention as well as other uses. We also provide pressure vessels and hydro-pneumatic tanks as well.

Benefits & Services
  • Tanks go through rigorous manufacturing quality controls and inspections processes
  • Tanks are built to applicable regulatory and code compliance requirements
  • Seismic engineering calculations can be provided for aboveground tanks
  • Optional tank accessories and monitoring equipment are available
  • Trained professionals provide you with tank solutions
  • Turnkey solutions include installation of tanks and tank systems
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