Through our partnership with Patriot Capital, JF Petroleum Group is pleased to provide a range of equipment financing and leasing options for your fueling equipment, point of sale (POS), LED lighting and other convenience store equipment purchases.

Rapid Approval

Apply here for rapid approval of up to $200,000 in equipment financing using Patriot Capital’s one-page application. For information on financing larger purchases, please contact Patriot at 877-527-0383 or contact your local Patriot rep.

Finance Your Project with Patriot Capital

Equipment financing is a proven method for C-store owners to finance equipment for new sites, remodels or upgrades, including achieving EMV payment compliance or brand standards.

Equipment financing & leasing provides many benefits to fuel retailers and commercial fueling operations, including:

  • 100% of the costs, including shipping, installation and maintenance, can be included in financing.
  • No blanket liens or second mortgages. We can finance equipment even if you do not own the site.
  • Preserve other borrowing areas for investments that help grow your fuel and convenience store business. These investments could include land for new sites, acquiring existing convenience store sites, gasoline and diesel fuel inventory, etc.
  • Leasing doesn’t tie up lines of credit or other strategic capital.
  • The upfront costs are very non-restrictive, generally only two monthly payments in advance.
  • Payments are fixed rate, not variable*. This protects you against rising interest rates.

Financing Leading-Industry Equipment

Easy EMV
EMV is becoming more important for convenience store owners because of the impending Fraud Liability Shift. The shift means that fraud liability has shifted to C-store owners for POS transactions in October 2015 and will shift for fuel dispensers in October 2020.
Alternative Fuel Programs
The world’s energy infrastructure has seen a shift toward alternative fuels over the past 20 years, so it's important that your facility is equipped to handle the ever-changing infrastructure.
Manufacturer Specific Programs
JF Petroleum Group has the people, parts, and expertise to provide complete turn-key equipment packages for all your fuel system and technology needs. Patriot Capital has the financing options so you can implement these parts and programs into your operation.

About Patriot Capital

Patriot Capital is a leading source of equipment financing to SIGMA, NACS, and PMAA members. The company has been recognized as Best in US for equipment financing by PMAA, the Petroleum Marketers Association of America. Contact a Patriot Capital representative today at 877-527-0383 and find out how you can take full advantage of leasing.

Our Services

Our comprehensive service sets us apart from the competition. With JF Petroleum Group, you’re not just getting a product, you’re getting experienced experts who provide innovative solutions to all your fuel handling needs.
We have a huge inventory, knowledgeable staff, and a network of experts. Our inventory contains products from over 200 manufacturers in-stock and ready to ship. Our responsive distribution network extends from coast to coast, providing the broadest coverage in the industry.
Project Management
Our Project Managers make the most complex jobs easy for your team. JF Petroleum Group clients are given a PM who is dedicated to your account and serve as a single point of contact throughout the project process, streamlining the communication process. Our PMs ensure the contracted job is a success, completed on time, within budget, and to the client’s satisfaction.
Our construction and installation crews are rigorously trained on the products and systems they install. Whether you are upgrading existing equipment or building a new facility, we have the experienced staff to complete project scopes of all sizes.
Repair & Maintenance
We understand the importance of keeping your equipment operational and minimizing downtime. Our team of more than 480 responsive service technicians is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure your equipment is running as effectively and efficiently as possible.
Our people are innovative, experienced, highly trained, and value your business. Our consulting team has seen it all and are experts in site design, layout, and every other project type within the industry.
JF Petroleum Group offers the most realistic technical training in the energy infrastructure industry. We provide each student with their own equipment so they can hone their skills and prove their ability to perform the essential tasks that meet the standards you expect. We have successfully trained hundreds of our own techs, as well as many others in the industry, on all the major brands of fuel handling equipment.